Oriol Aubets spent last two decades performing, writing & directing in theatre and cinema. Circatronic is his first solo theatre project. The main motivation is to talk about the relation between humans and machines. And also on how affects technology in our lives. All in a comic environment using robotics and digital tech in theatre and circus productions.

making Boris from Oriol Aubets on Vimeo.

BORIS was born in late 2012 as a part of the project Automatarium by David Berga Productions. I decided to make a robot who can perform with me. Me and my team spend several years testing, performing and improving. Here’s the result.

Boris team is:
A show by Oriol Aubets
Directed by JAM “Jaume Jové”
Produced by Circatronic and JAM
Sponsored by Robotica and FunLab
Boris head and feet Nartxi Azkargorta from Txo Titelles
Coreography Xaro Campo
Steampunk look by Alassie and Sandra Moncusí
Costume by El Costurero Real
Props Felix Googles
Scenography Mercè Veciana
Supporting Engineers Xavi Garcia, Sam Pfeiffer, Javier Vidal, Marc Escolà and Albert García
Video by gravito.tv and Axel Montero
Photo by Manuel Granados
International Management David Berga

Some of the festivals I have performed during last decade
• Festival de teatre de carrer de Viladecans 
• Internacional Festival Gauklerfest (Koblenz, Germany). 
• Open Flair Festival Eschwege (Germany) 
• Festival Sense Paraules de la Massana 
• Dunkerque Festival International 
• Festival de circo do Brasil 
• Festival Internacional de Freiburg (Deutschland)
• Festival de teatre de Tourcoing (France)
• Fira de teatre al carrer de Tàrrega
• Humoris causa de Mollerussa
• Mostra de teatre infantil i juvenil d’Igualada
• Festival internacional de teatro experimental FITEQ
•Ansan street arts festival de Corea
• Festival de Lekeitio
• Festival internacional de mim “Pantomime fest” d’Armenia
• Festival de las artes en clave de calle de Burgos
• Festival iberoamericano de teatro de Cadiz
• Festival Internacional de Teatro de Ourense
• Festival Internacional de artes escénicas de Cuenca (Ecuador)
• Festival OLALA International Street Theatre (Austria)
• Festival aarhusfestuge of Denmark
• Festival aarhusfestuge of Denmark • Festival Gaire de Pancrudo
• Fira modernista de Terrassa
• Kotka Maritime Festival of Finland
• Fira de circ al carrer la Bisbal de l’Empordà
• Festival de teatro contemporáneo Lazarillo
• Festival internacional de teatro y artes escénicas de Sevilla feSt
• International Black and White Theatre Festival of Finland
• Festival de Teatre al Carrer en Vila-real
• Festival Frutos
• Amman International Theater Festival AITF (Jordania)
• Spraoi Festival of Waterford (Ireland)
• Festival Manicomicos
• Festival internacional de teatro y artes de calle de Valladolid
• Festival Namur en Mai (Bèlgica)
• Busan International Performing Arts Festival (Corea del sud)
• Festival internacional de clown de Arrigorriaga



Entrepreneur. In 1999 Oriol Aubets founded the theatre company named teaLtre. During ten years he wrote, performed and directed several theatre plays. In 2008 himself adapted and directed one of his plays to the screen.  The movie called  “Fish in the desert” was produced by Televisió de Catalunya, the film maker Francesc Bellmunt and Pep Armengol. After that first experience he created his own audiovisual production company named gravito.tv .  In 2010 he created and Augmented reality videogame with two partners: Paris Int13 and  Hong kong Zaptoys. In his professional career he had participated in many short films, tv shows, theatre plays and movies. Between many others he won the 2008 best idea Award at DiBa International Film  Festival and the best Jury Award for best International play at Ansan Street theatre festival.

circatronic -electronic theatre-