Makers are inventors, creators, engineers, students or grassroot innovators who enjoy play and exploration – but they can also be people who simply want to make the world a better place. And where better to innovate and experiment than in a city?

Back in San Francisco in 2006, the Maker Movement arose out of the launch of MAKE: MagazineToday, hundreds of thousands of people attend Maker Faire, the world’s biggest (and coolest) DIY event.

Next week it’s the Catalan capital’s turn to host it. Produced by Atlas Advisor Mariona Ciller and curated by Fab Lab Barcelona Director Tomás Diez, all projects have been created on their home turf.

“Barcelona is one of the leading cities in the world of makers. The city is known for its events, but this one celebrates a local ecosystem of people, communities, institutions and companies who want to change everything,” Diez explains. “Come and participate with local and global leaders in a world of creativity – and learn how they propose to make technology more human and accessible to everyone.”

From lion robots to oval sound, these are a few of their favourite things…


1. Boris the LionBot

Retro futuristic steampunk lion tale – obviously

Retro futuristic steampunk lion tale – obviously

Circatronic is a retro futuristic steampunk electronic circus with robotic animals – that the WWF would love. Boris the LionBot is the main star in a performance that shows us that robots and AI could allow us to keep animals safe – while not missing out on the fun of a good circus”