Boris the Lion Robot

The first Steampunk Futuristic robotic show in the world

Boris “the lion robot” and Leo “his android companion” are a pair of  robots that came from the future because they need a cure for a virus that is affecting them. They believe that XXI century humans are already androids because they are always connected to machines. They want to download the feelings from the audience to cure themselves. They will do their best to make an emotional show so they can obtain pure human feelings.


This project begins in 2012 when I decided to make a robot that would work with me. For several years we were doing different tests. The premiere was in Ibiza and since then we have visited numerous countries.

Boris team is:
A show by Oriol Aubets
Directed by JAM “Jaume Jové” and Aina Ripol
Produced by Circatronic and JAM
Sponsored by Robotica and FunLab
Boris head and feet Nartxi Azkargorta from Txo Titelles
Coreography Xaro Campo
Steampunk look by Alassie and El Costurero Real
Props Felix Googles and Oriol Aubets
Supporting Engineers Xavi Garcia, Sam Pfeiffer, Javier Vidal, Marc Escolà and Albert García

Making OFF
Circatronic- Electronic Circus & Digital Theatre